Medicare & About the Current Bill

H.R. 3133, the Acupuncture for Our Seniors Act 2023

Our Medicare Fact Sheet and Benefits of Medicare Provider Status for Acupuncturists are great resources to answer many common questions.

The ASA and NCCAOM Taskforce continue to identify strategic members of congress and hold virtual congressional meetings along with constituents in each of those key districts. If you’re interested in meeting with your U.S. Representative’s Washington, D.C. office, sign up here. The ASA/NCCAOM team will take care of everything (scheduling your meeting, providing talking points, preparing you for the meeting) and will participate in these meetings with you.

Medicare recognition, through continued support of H.R. 3133, remains our primary goal for 2024. We also understand the need for every state to be actively engaged in advocacy within their state legislature. The ASA Advocacy Committee is working to better understand the needs of our member state associations so that we can help to support their advocacy efforts. 

Advocacy is crucial for the acupuncture profession as it helps promote awareness, understanding, and support for the practice. Advocating at both state and federal levels for healthcare policy ensures comprehensive coverage and addresses diverse regional needs. Both levels play crucial roles in shaping a well-rounded healthcare system, and profession.

Latest Medicare and Legislation News

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Joining your state association supports local, state, and national efforts to present the profession as subject matter experts of acupuncture while improving standards of education, practice, doctorate programs, continuing education, credentialing, and privileging.